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Reliable Controls

Reliable Controls


Infinite Control Systems is dedicated to providing the finest products and services for Building Automation Systems and Control to all its customers and clients! With Decades of in house engineering experience, we can provide efficient, economical and easily managed solutions to all your HVAC software and automation requirements!

Distech's ECNet™, Distech's ECNet AX™, and ICS's Lontastic™
Many manufacturers for building automation products (such as thermostats, elevators, lighting, HVAC) seek to build network connectivity into their products so buildings can be remotely accessed and managed over a network or the Internet.

Infinite Control Systems provides OEM modules that will allow manufacturers to network their products using ECNet™, ECNet AX™, or ICS Lontastic™ Web Software™ (ICSLTS™), a web based control software, that can be modified to build custom applications.

The Distech Controls™ ECNet™, Distech Controls™ ECNet AX™, or ICS Lontastic™ Solution platform will allow OEM customers to provide a full monitoring and control outlook that will take advantage of our advanced wireless solutions, communication to remote devices such as PDAs and mobile devices, power meter management, lighting control, pictures and video from monitored areas, and much more.

The ECNet™, ECNet AX™, or ICS Lontastic™ software platform is hardware independent and is guaranteed to work with other hardware manufacturer’s equipment. However, coupling it with all top quality Distech Controls™, Lonworks™, BACNet over IP, BACNet MS/TP, or BACNet PTP™ hardware products, gives owners, operators, equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, and IT professionals a total turn-key system to help manage a fully integrated mesh network.

Whatever the automation application, Infinite Control Systems will find the solution that is right for you!

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